November 28, 2022

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Camera Review – Canon VIXIA HF R800


The Canon VIXIA HF R800 is the first camera I started recording with for my church. It is my own personal camera and I have owned it since early 2018. I bought it to record things for my kid’s school events and things like that. It has worked over fine over the years but how does it work from a church recording and youtube live point of view. I will be going over the Pros and Cons of this camera in my experience using it for recording services for my church. 

As always, I am not sponsored or being paid to say or mention any of the things below about the Canon VIXIA HF R800.


  1. Zoom – 32x optical zoom which is pretty good.
  2. Easy of use – This thing works pretty well in the factory presets, point and shoot. Much training needed.
  3. Price – Brand new it comes in at $209 on Amazon. For a brand name video camera that is really cheap.
  4. Clean HDMI Output – If you are going to live stream, you can do that from this camera. Camera settings will not show up on your live stream.
  5. Battery – It comes with a large battery that will record 2+ hours in the highest settings.
  6. Full HD – It records in 1080p at 60fps. Make sure you set that up in the settings because it does not default. 
  7. Microphone input – This is a must-have for your video camera. Glad to see that it does come with it works fine.
  8. Headphone input – This is great to have. You can monitor your sound quality which is always a great thing. Make sure you adjust your headphone settings on the camera so it comes out correctly.
  9. Mic Quality – The mic quality is not amazing on this camera, but it certainly does the job. This past week I screwed the sound up on our video and I was able to crop the sound from this camera into the video to make it work. 



  1. Low light – This camera is not ideal for low light. It gets grainy and hard to see things. If a person is wearing a dark shirt in a dark area it is hard to see them.
  2. Grainy – This might be part of the low light thing, but let’s face it most churches are low light.
  3. Small body – This could be a pro or a con. I am listing it as a con because it doesn’t feel like a substantial camera. 
  4. Lense cover – Don’t forget to open and close it. It is manual and more than one time I have tried to open and record quickly and found my lense was closed. Also, I have found I’ve occasionally put it away without closing.
  5. Old – This camera came out in like 2016?
  6. Expensive – I know I listed price as a pro,  but the prices haven’t come down much since it came down in 2016. You can buy Chinese knock offs that are probably around the same quality brand new for less than $100
  7. No accessory mounting options – It has no shoehorn or whatever its called to mount a mic if you need that.


Does the Canon VIXIA HF R800 make sense in 2020?

Maybe, but probably not. If you have a decent budget, this is not the camera for you. Cannon and a lot of other companies have much better offerings to look at, some of which we will review at a later date. If this is something you already own or your church already owns, then yes it’s worth using. If you have a well-lit church where low light is not an issue and you can find them used or a good deal on them, maybe. If you are looking to do a multi-cam system and those other components are more important than the original cameras, then you can upgrade cameras at a later date, yeah I think it’s worth it. I will say that this camera is pretty old, but seems reliable. I would probably consider buying them used if you can find them sub $100, they would totally be worth it then.