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Is Evolution Real? I have stated in the past here on this site (and other places) that I believe that evolution is false. In my opinion the evidence for evolution is not very good, there are lots of holes and gaps in the theory. I had planned on writing an article going through all of the reasons I do not agree with evolution and why I think it makes more sense that God created everything just like it says in the bible and that the biblical timeline is much more realistic than any other we have.

Today I was working and scrolling through YouTube videos and I saw a recommended video in my feed from Genesis Apologetics who I had not previously heard of. The name of the video was Genesis Impact and knowing nothing more than these 2 things I decided to add it to my queue of stuff to watch today. I was pleasantly surprised by this video. The video is a bit corny but still entertaining. It goes through lots of points that disprove why the theory of evolution is still just a theory. They show the different issues with the fossil records and carbon dating and even dinosaur DNA being found. Rather than have to go through all the research myself I recommend you check out the video above. Looks like they also have lots of material for younger generations too if you have kids. It looks like maybe this channel is created by Ray Comfort or they got permission to use his video in their videos.

The only thing that we disagree on I think is when Pangaea split apart. It is possible that it split during the great flood. However, I think it is more likely that the split actually happened after the Tower of Babel.  To be clear I have no evidence to support the claim that this is when it happened, it just seems to make the most sense to me. You see after the flood all of mankind comes together to create the tower of babel and we all speak the same language. Then God sees that man cannot be trusted to live this way and confuses their language and they spread out over the earth.  If Pangaea happens during the flood, all of the man and animals are now on one land mass and would have to spread out across the others. If instead God separates the people not just by forcing them to go to other areas but by actually forcing the land masses to separate, both the people and the animals are now spread across the globe. Now there is no need to have them cross ice bridges or anything crazy that doesn’t make a lot of sense for an animal to do.

One of the articles that always sticks in my mind is one I read on a science news website. I cant remember if it was or whatever but several years ago there was an article I read about the origins of life. Basically in the article they determined that they believe that the origin of all life started in clay. You can imagine the shock as I read this article that they believe that all life probably started inside clay but never once mention reference to the bible where God creates man and woman from clay. In the comments section I left a comment that was something to the effect of “Imagine going your whole life trying to disprove the bible only to find yourself describing the words written in the pages. God is good”

If you are looking for more content on evolution or science related to the bible Answers in Genesis also has a lot of this material available to watch or read on their site with sources and scientists to support the material. They are really great and got me started down this rabbit whole. I am not related to either organization and have not been paid or contacted by anyone to say any of this.

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  1. Joedancer2749 says:

    I believe that what Corey just explained is true. I have lived my whole life believing the theory of evolution but at the end, it’s just a theory. If evolution did happen, then how do we know the difference between good and evil ? Another proof that evolution is wrong : we could consider robots as a species. But the only thing that differentiates us from them is that they don’t have emotions nor spirits or souls. Them may tell you that they love you and react to an emotional situation as a human would but that’s only in there program. And that is why robots will never be superior to us. So, if we did evolved (from frogs to man, from monkey to man, from turtle to man, etc), we should be like robots and not have anything emotions or feelings. Cause even if robots became super advanced they still would not have anything emotions, because they do not have a soul, which only proves that we really do have souls and that God created us. So it is very dumb for people to believe that God does not exist.

    I think that scientists today realised themselves that the theories of The Big Bang and of Evolution are completely nonsense.

    God bless

    1. Corey says:

      Hey Joe! Thanks for the comment! I agree and I love how you relate this to AI. I will have to write something related to how AI work and why it proves that God is real.

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