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Technology is innovating the way we are able to consume the bible, and I love it!

I really wanted to talk a bit on this subject because I think we are facing a bit of a crisis. Christians are not reading the Bible and have not completely read the Bible. It is way more common than you would think and until a few years ago I was one of them. I have ADHD and dyslexia so for me it is not only hard to focus but reading can also be hard for me. Sometimes I have to re-read a passage several times to read it the way it was intended. Not only that but I find it very difficult to make time in my day to stop and read the Bible. I work 2 jobs, manage several websites and have a family of 5 to keep up with. I know I am not the only one with this problem so I have made technology work for me.

Audio Books

Audio books are my preferred method of consuming the bible because of my difficulty reading and because of how easy it is too consume it. I am a software engineer and I drive Uber as my second job. Typically I listen to the bible when driving Uber because I have to sit in the same seat for hours at a time. So far I have driven over 6000 riders and only a handful have asked me to turn it off. This is amazing because not only am I consuming the bible but I am having others do so as well.

There are a few downsides. There are so many different audio books out there so it may take you a few tries to find the one you like. I personally have settled on a version of NLT that I prefer to listen too. Typically I use ESV to study with but when listening to people talk it is nice to hear words you are familiar with. I also have a copy of the New Testament in KJV read by James Earl Jones that I love (but be careful that one will put you to sleep). There is also a bit of a stigma about telling people you didn’t read the bible, you listened too it. I thought this was kind of a big deal until I heard Mike Winger address it on a podcast in a way I had not thought about it. For hundreds of years people only listened to the bible rather read it themselves. Why would I consider that a bad thing. Lastly they do cost money. I subscribed to audible so I am able to use my 1 free book per month to buy books and so I have a few that way. There is also a free version for subscribers.

Bible apps

When I do read the Bible I prefer a Bible app. There are tons of them out there and most of them are great. I like one called eSword, it has all the different transactions (some you may have to pay for). It has things like Daily Devotionals and read the Bible in a year. I have found both of these very useful. It also saves the page you are on which is why I prefer to read in a digital capacity. This is personal preference but I prefer digital books because I often find myself reading the same things over and over and not getting anywhere in a regular book.

The downsides of bible apps are pretty limited in my opinion. Some of them do cost money but usually not more than a couple of dollars. Much cheaper than an audio book. The other downside is more screen time. Lastly your phone is full of distraction so it may be hard to focus.

Pod Casts

Podcasts are great! There are so many different podcasts to listen too out there which can really help bring people to God. I personally love Bible Thinker which is a Mike Winger pod cast. Most of his podcasts are not reading the bible but he does have a couple of series so far where he goes chapter by chapter through an entire book explaining it. I have also tried listening to the Bible in a year podcast which is a catholic podcast where they read the bible and explain it every day. I am not catholic (we can get into that in another article) and so I don’t agree with everything he says. However, I still think this is a great resource! You not only get to consume the bible but you get some commentary on it. Podcasts are typically free which is also a nice bonus.

The downside here is anyone can have a podcast so make sure you are not being lead astray.


Let me start off by saying I personally hesitate to recommend YouTube. There are people who read the Bible on YouTube and some of them are very good! However, YouTube is not a company who would support things the Bible promotes. There are also adds on most of their content now sometimes over 30 seconds long. That being said YouTube is free and like I said there are some really good bible reading videos on there. Usually just a person sitting and reading the bible so not much to watch which is probably a good thing.

The Internet

The internet is full of free Bible resources. Just google Bible and you will get results like Bible Gateway which is great when looking for a verse but could also be used to read the bible. I typically use this type of stuff when I am trying to research something or respond to a comment. I have a pretty good memory of the words of the bible but not where the verse is so for me this is great. I just type the words from the verse into google and Bible gateway will have the answer.

World Video Bible (wvbs.org) is another amazing resource. I have so far only made it through one book of the Bible (Genesis) but the commentary is great. The videos look like they are probably from the 80s and he doesn’t give much to look at. Just him and the occasional verses on screen but what do you really need to look at? It is totally free and if you enroll in the school (also free) I think you get a certificate at the end which is great.

Study Bible

I own a couple study bibles but rarely do I use them. That being said I think Study Bibles are great too. As mentioned above I just prefer to read on a phone or a tablet. If you prefer an old fashion book a study bible is a great way to go. Since I have not completed any I won’t give you any advice on which to pick up but I know one that sounds interesting is the evidence bible. Some of it is available online but not all of it and I think that is because it is really meant to be more of a paper book.

Standard Bible

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! There are so many print versions of the bible available in different translations there is definitely one available that will inspire you. You can get them tiny, you can get them HUGE you can get them fancy. There really is something to be said about the old paper bible. They are amazing and I am constantly trying to work my way through one. If you can take the time to digest and read the bible this is truly a great thing!


It doesn’t matter how you get your bible time in, just make sure you get it in! John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” If God can give up his son for your sins, surely you can give up a few minutes a day for God!


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