Website Updates

I have made some updates to the website. I only started the site a couple of days ago but already scrapped version one. The theme had some elements that I couldn’t adjust which were driving me crazy. I have mixed feelings about this one as well. It is a news theme that is comical on a website that in its current version isn’t exactly providing news. (But who knows what the future may hold.)

The Video page is up on the website. Right now there is just a brief explanation of what is to come, but I will be updating more soon. I also posted the current video’s I have been recording. I plan on trying to get to the point where I will have several video series that anyone can watch for free on youtube. I also set up the contact us page, its small but important. I am also going to remove the Gallery page for now. Not sure if I would ever need that really.

I am working on setting up the About Us page. Both the about us page and the contact page will probably be moved into the footer. I also want to see if I can figure out a second page for blogs which will be articles rather than just a blog. After that, I might move on to a podcast page once I start getting things moving. Maybe a politics page too, we will see. It is popular and it is an election year, but everything is so polar right now. I don’t want to see this end because of something being spun against what was said.

If you are following along this early, there is nowhere to go but up from here. Stay tuned for more website updates and content as I continue to work on the site and thank you for stopping by. 


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