Spreading the word

Creating videos that spread the word of God across the world


The current goal of Luther’s Good News is to use our content to spread the word of God as far and as fast as possible. This is not easily achieved by the creation of a few videos. Instead, to do this we plan on making several different types of video series that will explain what needs to be done for other believers to create content. One by one we will flood the airways with our message of God’s love.

Videos of Christ Lutheran Church will be the starting of this while we figure out what works best. Things like how to get started on a budget and what camera’s to start with will be a major focus of this learning experience. A focus on how to gain attention will also be made.

Where it takes us from there only time will tell.



Sermons are the main content that should be produced. A good sermon will convey the message of an entire service in 10-20 minutes. Not only do sermons express the message of the day but they do it in a way everyone can understand. You should not need to understand scripture to be able to hear this content and comprehend what it means.


Children’s Sermons

Children’s Sermons are the next area where you should focus on. Not only do people love to see children, but they are our future. A focus on bringing children to God at an early age is extremely important.


Full Service

Typically full-service recordings can be seen as something for locals and members who were not able to attend. Those who are on the fence with their belief will not likely sit through a one to two-hour video.