Mistakes will be made.

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

Oops, I ruined the video recording for my church today.

Today I did our first full live stream. It was awesome. I got the sound to stop buzzing and we had a decent service. I got everything working just in time for the service to start and got the live stream up and did a pretty decent job recording. I also brought my own wireless USB headphones and I set them up so I could monitor the sound quality in OBS.

During the live stream, I noticed youtube had up a warning saying that the audio was not in the correct format or something but it was too late, I was already recording at this point, so I just continued. I figured if the audio in the live stream isn’t correct, I’ll just upload the video recording from OBS to youtube. I could hear audio coming into my headphones and it sounded really good so it must have been a youtube thing I thought.

Well, I thought wrong. I followed a tutorial on how to set up my headphones to monitor sound and it was not correct. Under the advanced audio options, there were 3 monitor settings. You could choose from Off, Monitor and Output, and Monitor Only (mute output). The video said to put it on Monitor Only so that you don’t get echo’s in your live stream. Well, I didn’t get an echo in my live stream… because I didn’t get any audio in my live stream. Not only that but there was no audio in the recording. The option was under monitor but apparently not just for monitoring. (facepalm)

The lack of audio means this week’s video was completely useless. Opps, I ruined the video recording. While I am bummed, I figured this was a great time to point out my mistakes so that hopefully others will not make the same ones. Also, I will be doing an article on setting up OBS. I am pretty new to this stuff still so it might take some time before I can get it where I want it.

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