My Experience with Covid19

In December of 2021 around Christmas time I contracted Covid 19 (Variant unknown). This is my experience so far with Covid. This is not a telling of how the average person has or it or how you will probably have it and it is not a recommendation on what you should do. This is my story on how it happened to me and how I handled it and how it is continually going.

Finding out you have Covid

One of the worst parts about getting Covid 19 is finding out you have it. The news has really made this a scary experience. I know from stats I have seen that I was very likely to survive but it can still be pretty scary to think I have this thing that is killing millions of people.

On top of that I had go and tell all of our friends and family that we had contracted it so to be on the look out for symptoms because they may also have it. I am sure lots of people were cursing me behind my back when I had to tell them. I felt even worse to hear about friends who did end up getting it. You know it is going to happen and nothing is going to stop this thing from spreading but you still feel terrible about being the one who is spreading it.

No medical treatment

When my family and I found out that we had Covid 19 it was the weekend and we were going into a holiday (Christmas 2021). Immediately we put our doctor on notice and asked for medications that would help us quickly and easily get over the virus (not recommending anything to the doctor originally). The doctor did not respond. We went ahead and googled what we should take and ordered a bunch of random vitamins online. I don’t recommend typically following googles advice when it comes to medical treatment but what choice did I have? My wife is reasonably high risk we continued to call the doctor every day until about day 5 when they finally responded back to us and told my wife to take over the counter cold medicines that she cannot take since they interact with her other medications. After going back and forth with them we finally got the doctor to approve the antibody treatment that seems to be working very well as a treatment against Covid. By that time all of the offices that distribute it were closed for the holiday and would not open again until after the window we could get it was closed. We followed the at home guide from the FLCCC which I am having a hard time finding. This isn’t a recommendation so talk to your doctor. We did not take Ivermectin but I would have if prescribed.


The WuFlu at its worst

Between taking turns taking care of our 3 children we both (my wife and I) slept a lot. We had high fevers and chills and sweats. We both were using Pulse/OX sensors throughout the day to make sure that our oxygen did not dip below 92 for more than a few minutes. There was a lot of snot. We were constantly blowing our noses and coughing up flem. I lost my taste and smell completely for about 2 days. I have regained that but things still do not taste and smell the way they should. This was actually one of the harder things for me. I know some people are like “That’s a symptom? That’s not a big deal…” but to me life without taste is a terrible place to be. I told my wife that if it didn’t come back within a few weeks I was going to be in a dark place fast. We also got a sore throat. more on that later. I also noticed that even now that I no longer have Covid I definitely have reduced stamina. When I go up the stairs or for a walk I find myself quickly winded compared to before. I have been symptom free for about a week and doing things like this will make me start coughing and hacking stuff up.

So that’s it? well kinda.

For a long time I have had issues with my throat where it will swell and I will get strep throat and need to go to the doctor and once I am on some antibiotics it clears up and I am fine until the next time I get really sick. I probably need to get my tonsils taken out. Anyway as the Covid symptoms started to go away I noticed my throat was swelling more and I started to get white spots in the back of it. Immediately I called a doctor (not my doctor, after that whole fiasco I decided to go with a tele-medicine service offered by my insurance company for free. I spoke with the doctor on the first day and he told me that Covid DOES NOT cause strep throat and that I was over reacting and just had a sore throat from Covid. Instead of an antibiotic he prescribed me an oral pain killer. At this point its Christmas Eve at about 9pm. I could not get it for a few days even if I wanted too. The next day (Christmas) I call back again. Give a different doctor the same story and explain to him that I need my tonsils out and to please help me. He actually did prescribe me the antibiotics for my throat and I had picked a CVS that was listed as open on Christmas… however it took several hours for the doc to call and they had closed. The day after Christmas I called CVS and they told me 2 day until I can get my antibiotics. At this point my throat was so swollen I could not swallow anything and I was in extreme pain and now having high fevers and chills again. I talked it over with my wife and decided to go to the ER. I was still under quarantine technically but I was allowed to visit the ER. I go to the closest one and they tried to sit me down in a full waiting room (while I have tested positive only a few days before) and told me it would be at least 5 hours until I was able to be seen.  I left and went to the next one which saw me right away. My throat was so swollen they did a cat scan to make sure there was nothing behind my tonsils they were so huge. I am now taking antibiotics for the strep throat.

What have I learned?

  1. Get the medicines you may need a head of time including vitamins and minerals.
  2. Trust your gut with things like doctors. Look for someone who will help you when you really need it, even if its a vacation day. Look for one who is a believer.
  3. Get your life in order. by the time you get it, its to late to think about doing this or that.
  4. Covid 19 is a bad cold in my opinion. Maybe like a Flu. My wife was high risk in several ways but she ended up surviving without any special medicines.
  5. Trust in God. He is the way the truth and the light. This isn’t a prosperity Gospel, sometimes the answer is no, but we still have to trust he knows what he is doing.

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