As a Christian, is it ok to play video games?

As a Christian, is it OK to play video games?

As a millennial, I grew up playing video games, struggled with video game addiction, quit all video games for a good year or more and now play on occasion. It seems that I cannot come at this subject from an unbiased place, but because of that, I feel like I need to tackle it even more. The best way to do this is going to be looking at the pros and cons of playing video games. Their effects on us and what I can find in the bible that could apply to them.


If you have done any research on this, you will find tons of sites that will list the benefits of playing video games. Things like eye/hand coordination are usually mentioned which is great but this is not as important as some of the other things you can learn from video games.

For instance, problem-solving skills are a huge part of video games. Each type of game has its own type of problems to solve. Mazes and puzzles are integrated into all video games which will help learn out to solve problems. Usually, these puzzles and mazes are also required to be solved in high-stress situations with an unseen timer which is constantly ticking. If you can’t get the problem solved, you won’t survive.

Another thing rarely looked at is Perseverance, the ability to not give up the first time around. As you get older you start to realize the easier the game, the more boring it is. You don’t want something easy to beat, you want something difficult to keep you coming back until you beat it. Losing and failure is something you must get used to if you want to be the best.

A better understanding of currency and working to earn income can now be learned at a young age. Many video games you spend large amounts of time grinding. You grind for items, sell items on the market for gold and use gold to buy things. In the real world, we Grind. We go to the same job every day to earn money. We use money to buy things, food, cars, houses, whatever. This should help us produce good workers who know that they need to work hard to get what they want in life (unless all they want is to play video games).

But what about what the bible says? Well, nothing directly related to video games obviously but there are things that we can look at which should direct us in the way we live. The ones that come to mind are Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 which says that God provided these things to us for us to enjoy. There is also Proverbs 16:27 which says that “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop…”. Because video games can help pass free time, they can keep you out of trouble which is also a good thing.


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