Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Recording

It’s Ash Wednesday! The start of Lent! And I am trying some new things in my recordings. 

The first change was trying to record while my son was with me. He’s 6 and he really wanted to help out with recording the service. I had him help me set up the tripods and cameras and get everything ready beforehand. Once the service started he sat with me wearing my headset making sure the sound quality coming in was good. About halfway in he said “Dad, this is borning.” and I told him, “Well I never said it was fun :), it’s work”. A little later I let him take some photos of the service on our DSLR and was really getting into that. I think one or two may actually turn out really well. The point of this story is to say children are the future of the church. Getting them involved in we do is great and bringing them into the church to help out with whatever will bring them closer to God and help move their journey with the church and God along its path.

The other change I made is I recorded the sermon with a second camera. I set up my wife’s Nikon D5600 DSLR on my second tripod and put on a nice big lens and recorded it. It didn’t have audio from the soundboard so I am not sure how it will sound, but during recording, it looked way better than the canon r800. Right now I am working on processing the full service into one file to post to youtube. Then I will cut the sermon from that file and post it as well. Once these are live I am going to play with the idea of splicing the video from the Nikon into the video from the Canon to see how it turns out. If I can do it without too much extra time/effort I may start recording more with the DSLR and then cutting sections of video together to make it a higher quality. We will see.

On a side note I the day off from my 9-5 today to get some things done around the house and get the oil changed on the car. I got to spend some much needed time with both kids. It was nice. But another nice thing was my wife and I have been talking about what to give up for lent and she came across a thing from a friend that said instead of giving up a habit, go around your house every day and find something you are not using. Give that up. By the end of lent you should have a nice big pile of things to donate to the salvation army. I find this idea amazing and I think it’s one we are going to try out. I would love to hear what others think about it.

All in all, Ash Wednesday has been great. I had a day off and got to play with my daughter. I got to spend a little extra time recording with my son. I am getting to work on my website. I am going to start donating more stuff. I don’t see how days can get much better than that. Sometimes we have to take the wins where we can get them and thank the Lord for giving them to us!


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